Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cheese Stick Anyone...

This past Tuesday my amazing Mom bailed us out again and babysat Jensen! Poor thing, she had just come off a 12 hour graveyard but said yes to helping us out besides being so tired.
I had packed some cereal, a PB&J sandwich and some mac & cheese (already made).

My Mom decided to cook up some mozzarella sticks and was planning to share with Jens. He had a different idea... he wasn't going to have it, he didn't even "wike" them. When she insisted he just try one he looked at her and said "shhhh can you hear that? It says DON'T EAT ME" hahaha
That was all it took... Grandma was sold, today Jensen was not going to try a mozzarella stick!

Tooth Fairy

I'm a bad, bad, bad MOM!

Jaden lost a tooth 3 days ago and the tooth fairy forgot to come. I think once they stop believing, fun of being a tooth fairy just... disappears! OK, so that just made me feel better :) After I uhh, I mean... the tooth fairy... forgot AGAIN (2nd night in a row) little Jack came to me. He had $2 in his hand and said "Mom, the tooth fairy forgot Jaden again. I'm just going to give him my $2 ok?" Talk about mixed emotions... I was so mad at myself yet so proud of Jack!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valentines Day with the FOUR that I LOVE!!!

I am the luckiest Girl in the world!

I am blessed with not ONE, Not TWO but FOUR Valentines!!! The boys wore their Valentine colors with pride!

This year they each got a Pass of all Passes...

if you don't know what that is, just be excited for them!!!

For Ben, I started a new tradition 14 DAYS OF LOVE!

Every day from Feb 1st to Valentines I left him a little surprise about love.

Not only did he like BUT the boys couldn't wait for each day's surprise!

The last day was I gave him his BIG gift, it was a SPOTTING SCOPE and TRIPOD

(I'm so dumb, I didn't take a picture of it!)

Ben and the Boys weren't the only ones spoiled...

I also was too!

Ben gave me this ring on Saturday night, I was so excited I made him take me straight to my Parents to show them. On Valentines morning I knew I had already been super spoiled and considering Benj isn't the BEST at surprising me (nor I am him) I expected NOTHING!

Well, I was dead wrong! I woke up to the boys saying "Mom did you see your Valentines?"

I got more... and not only that, he did a little copy of our "14 days of love" too!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jackee Boy

On January 13th our little guy turned 7.

He has been such a joy in our lives and continues to smother us in his hugs and kisses!

I swear he'd give you the skin off his own body if he thought you needed it more then he did.

We sure love you Jackee


Is it really possible that TEN years have come and gone?
My baby is BIG! I mean, 9lbs 8oz was BIG then but NOW, 108lbs...
I am so thankful for this little/big guy! He keeps me on my toes ALL THE TIME and he back talks A LOT but... I will love him forever and like him for always. As long as I'm living my baby he'll be!

Monday, January 30, 2012


Because I am in pain more then I am not I went in to see my knee Doctor on Friday January 27th. I have gone in several times explaining the same pain, the same spot, the same everything. Each time he would tell me, "it's part of the healing process." Well, after beginning to think I was either A. Crazy or B. Going to live with pain for ever ... they FINALLY after 7 long months, found the problem. I have a cyst on the graft. It's the size of a pea
(which he said is big for a graft) it's causing my graft to detach.

NEXT, another 3T MRI was scheduled and then a follow up with my Ortho. When I went back I was hopeful that it would be an easy fix. Well... good news and bad news! The graft is in the bone. It may be fixable with a bone stimulator so, that was ordered next!!! I was told to wear the stimulator for 6 weeks and if that works then YIPPEE in not...I will have a new graft. Surgery AGAIN? I don't know how much more my body, my family and my life can handle. I'm thankful for my legs but some days, I wonder how it would feel to run or jump again.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

...Human Life Day...

Sunday Jan 22, 2012 was Human Life Day. It was also the day I would be introduced as a pro life coordinator for God and Good Shepherd. I am really excited about this adventure and I want to remember every inch of it SO, until I get another blog made I will be documenting here!

The speech I spoke in hopes to bring attention to this horrible situation:

In the next seven days nearly 20,000 babies will be killed legally in the United States.
Let that sink in a minute... in that minute, 3 more will be killed.

The mission of the Pregnancy Resource Center is to reach women, men and families in an unplanned pregnancy that are contemplating abortion. Your support of the PRC provides confidential and free of charge services to all.

Please pray that this stops and let's pray for the courage and compassion to be part of the solution.

So, there ya have it... short, sweet and to the point!